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SonicWall Solutions for Wireless Access

Security in wireless networking has always been a concern. Whether you are building a complete wireless network, or adding wireless to an existing wired network, wireless brings with it special challenges. Well-publicized stories about "war driving" and other techniques through which hackers can easily infiltrate a wireless network have raised awareness of the problem--and the need for a solution.

SonicWall Clean Wireless

Businesses no longer have to settle for wireless security solutions that merely encrypt traffic. SonicWall Clean Wireless™ delivers the innovative dual protection of high-speed secure wireless combined with high-performance Unified Threat Management (UTM), which are required to both (1) secure the wireless connection and (2) inspect and encrypt the traffic flowing over the wireless network.  By integrating SonicPoint-N Dual Band™ or SonicPoint™ access points with SonicWall's award-winning network security appliances over a central point of management, SonicWall Clean Wireless supports and enforces one set of security policies over both wired and wireless networks.

Centralized management and reporting

Your wireless network has the same access to centralized management and reporting as the rest of your network. All SonicPoint-N™ Dual-Band Dual-Band and SonicPoint™ wireless access point devices can be managed and configured from the SonicWall appliance's Global Management System (GMS) interface. Additionally, security policies for both wired and wireless networks can be managed from that same interface. SonicPoint-N™ Dual-Band and SonicPoint™ wireless access point devices are plug-and-play and provisioned automatically. And because they can be deployed throughout any network, your wireless network is highly scalable and can grow with your needs. All you need to do is add more SonicPoint-N™ Dual-Band or SonicPoint™ wireless access point devices as required.

Home offices or smaller networks

For home offices and smaller networks, the TZ 180 Wireless, TZ 100 Wireless-N, TZ 200 Wireless-N or TZ 210 Wireless-N are complete solutions that integrate 802.11n or 802.11b/g wireless access providing the same level of deep packet inspection firewall, integrated gateway protection and policy enforcement as SonicWall distributed wireless solutions. Using a SonicWall TZ solution with integrated wireless allows even small offices to take advantage of enterprise-class wireless security and policy enforcement, allowing the wireless network to be as secure as the wired network.