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SonicWall Solutions for Voice Over IP

Businesses with converged networks in place—or are in progress of deployment—need a security strategy to protect all the assets on their network. Increasingly, streaming voice and video applications like VoIP, teleconferencing and digital voicemail are converged with existing data applications on the same networks.

Comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solutions

SonicWall converged network security solutions deliver the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective protection to organizations with converging data, voice and media networks. Easily managed and highly cost-effective, SonicWall converged network security solutions offer a high performance, multi-layered security approach that also maintains quality of service for time-sensitive voice and video applications.

Scan and decontaminate threats from all VoIP traffic

SonicWall Network Security combines high-speed Reassembly-free Deep Packet Inspection™ (RFDPI) with robust, multi-layered Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services to protect the converged network and all VoIP traffic between VoIP telphony devices from the latest threats and vulnerabilities in real time.

Optimize Quality of Service (QoS)

Built-in security and bandwidth optimization, featuring support for VoIP-ready H.323 and SIP, as well as full VoIP over Wireless LAN (WLAN) ensures an optimized and high quality of service. SonicWall Application Firewall provides application identification and policy control to eliminate or restrict non-business critical application traffic, so that voice and video perform as expected.

Ensure complete end-to-end disk-based backup and recovery

Voicemail data and server systems along with other critical converged data for regulatory compliance archiving, and quick and flexible restoration of converged data in disaster recovery scenarios require complete end-to-end protection. SonicWall Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solutions offer flexible Offsite Data Backup, Site-to-Site Data Backup, Local Archiving and Bare Metal Recovery options to address any disaster recovery scenario—even if the original device platform is unavailable.

Gain remote access to converged networks

With SonicWall Secure Remote Access (SRA) solutions you'll gain remote access to converged networks, which deliver easy, scalable remote access to secure converged data traffic between distributed, remote or mobile device locations over SSL VPN. All VoIP traffic between third-party VoIP telephony devices can be easily configured to traverse any SonicWall SRA solution.