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SonicWall Solutions for Retail & Hospitality
Purpose-built SonicWall Solutions

Retail & Hospitality

Build consumer confidence with security that exceeds PCI compliance mandates

No one is immune to advanced and emerging threats, such as ransomware and encrypted attacks. However, you can protect your locations and customers with a robust, real-time breach prevention system. Our SonicWall Next Generation Firewall with Capture Advanced Threat Protection service gives you greater confidence knowing that even suspicious-looking files are rigorously evaluated before they enter your network.

PCI-Compliant Data Excahnge with Multiple Locations

  • Safeguard your daily data exchanges with storefronts, no matter how many locations you have
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by making your wireless network as secure as your wired network
  • Improve communication and productivity across your organization while ensuring PCI compliance
SonicWall SonicWave
SonicWave series

Scalable, Massive Protection for High-Transaction Volume Retailers

  • Keep transactions secure without compromising network performance
  • Deliver deep-packet inspection with the highest concurrent connections and connections per second
  • Combine real-time breach prevention capabilties with Advanced Gateway Security Suite

Enterprise-Class VPN/Secure Mobile Access

  • Deliver policy-enforced secure access to increase productivity, and block access from unauthorised devices and mobile apps
  • Easily extend VPN access to devices and apps by checking the user identity and security profile of the endpoint
  • Reduce costs, and consolidate access management for cloud, SaaS and data center resources
  • Optimize traffic with built-in intelligent global load-balancing and demand-based user licensing
  • Improved application availability and scale performance by deploying active/active clusters
SonicWall SMA Series
SonicWall Content Filtering

Scalable E-mail Security that Protects Business and Customer Data

  • Stop targeted phishing attacks, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC)
  • Get high-performance cloud sandboxing to scan embedded URLs and block malicious attachments
  • Protect customer data by enforcing strong encryption, data protection and compliance policies
  • Minimize business impact due to email service outages with email continuity
  • Achieve scalability and flexibility with cloud-based, hardware or virtual deployments

Use SD-WAN Technology to Build a Low-Cost Secure Private Network

  • Reduce the costs and complexity associated with building a distributed private network based on MPLS technology
  • Distributed organizations can build high‐performance networks using readily‐available, low‐cost public internet services
  • Securely share information, while improving the performance and availability of business‐critical applications
SonicWall SD-WAN