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SonicWall Solutions for Financial Services
Purpose-built SonicWall Solutions

Cybersecurity for Financial Services

Real-time breach prevention for the world's most targeted industry

Because cyber criminals globally are financially and even politically motivated, cyber security threats in the financial sector must be tackled comprehensively. Trusted by more than 6,000 financial services organizations worldwide, SonicWall delivers robust, manageable network information security in financial services, with solutions that extend protection of network resources down to the branch level.

Massive, Scalable Protection

  • Bolster the security, speed and scalability of 10+ GbE networks with our powerful and easy-to-use solutions
  • Protect your network with real-time breach prevention solutions with throughput you may have never thought possible
  • Block threats using the industry's fastest deep packet inspection technology on hardware
  • Support over hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections and connections per second
SonicWall NSSP Series
SonicWave series

Secure all Types of Financial Transactions Across your Network

  • Enhance communication, productivity and continuity at branch and remote banking sites
  • Make your wireless networks as secure as your wired network
  • Enable mobility and BYOD initiatives to empower your remote and traveling workforce

Save Time with Centralized Management

  • Take control of the health, performance and security of your agency network
  • Drive down costs and increase productivity by rapidly deploying and centrally managing your education security infrastructure
  • Gain insight into traffic trends and suspicious behavior with real-time monitoring and alerting
SonicWall Global Management System
SonicWall SMA Series

Secure Access for Employees & Customers

  • Deliver policy-enforced secure access from any location and any device
  • Reduce complexity in access management for hybrid IT environments
  • Protect data and stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Improve application availability and user experience through intelligent active/active clustering
  • Lower total cost of ownership by deploying active/active clusters and pooled user licenses

Next-Generation E-Mail Security

  • Stop targeted phishing attacks, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC)
  • Harness the power of cloud-based sandboxing to scan embedded URLs and block malicious attachments
  • Get complete visibility of email traffic with comprehensive inbound and outbound message scanning
  • Protect sensitive data by enforcing strong encryption, data protection and compliance policies
  • Ensure email continuity even when your cloud service provider experiences a downtime
SonicWall Email Security