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Which SSL-VPN Solution is Right for me?
Compare SonicWall Remote Access Options

Choosing between SSL-VPN on a SonicWall UTM Device versus a dedicated SSL-VPN appliance for SMB or for Enterprise can be a tough decision. Use the feature comparison chart below to find the right SSL-VPN Solution for your needs:

Compare SonicWall Remote Access Options
Models: SSL VPN on UTM SRA Series E-Class SRA Series
Maximum Concurrent Users 50 Up to 500 Up to 5,000+
Network Level Access for Windows, MAC, Windows Mobile& Linux Clients
Network/Proxy Client for Google Android Smartphones and Tablets
Tunnel Client Auto Updates
Split Tunnel / Tunnel All Modes
Web Based Remote Accesss -
Two-Factor Authentication -
Granular Access Control
Customizable Portal -
SonicWall Virtual Assist
One-Time Password (OTP)
Portal Based Fileshares -
SonicWall Virtual Assist - -
SonicWall Web Application Firewall (WAF) - -
Multiple Customizable SSL VPN Portals -
Native ActiveSync Support - -
DeviceID (Windows, IOS, Android, Symbian) - -
Application Specific Policies - -
Advanced Endpoint Control (NAC) - -
Integrated Agent provisioning - -
Advanced Authentication Support (Authentication Failover, Stacked Authentication, Dynamic Group Support, User Variable Support) - -
Cache Cleaner - -
Secure Desktop (SDE) - -
Native Access Modules (NAM) - -
HA-2 Node Active / Active Clustering -
ICSA SSL VPN Certified - -
FIPS Certified -