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SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Series
Provide Secure, Mobile and Remote Access for your SMB

SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Series

Simple, affordable mobility and remote access options for SMB. Let authorised users access resources from anywhere to increase productivity. Block untrusted users, devices and apps and prevent mobile malware attacks.

Model Lineup:

SMA 200 Appliance

SMA 200 Appliance

Give small- to medium-sized businesses with up to 50 users an affordable, secure remote access solution that is easy to deploy, use and manage, with the SonicWALL SMA 200 appliance.

SMA 400 Appliance

SMA 400 Appliance

Give small- to medium-sized businesses with up to 50 users an affordable, secure remote access solution that is easy to deploy, use and manage, with the SonicWALL SMA 200 appliance.

SMA 100 Series Overview:

Experience a new level of secure access

SonicWALL SMA 100 Series solutions allow mobile and remote users to easily access corporate resources without compromising security. With SonicWALL’s “context-aware” authentication, only trusted devices and authorised users can be granted access. With mobile-app and browser-based access, users can simply launch the Mobile Connect app or connect via a browser to the SMA web portal to securely access the resources they need.

Increase mobile users' productivity while protecting data

SonicWALL's Mobile Connect app delivers easy network-level access for users of iOS, Mac OSX, Google Android, Kindle Fire, Chrome and Windows devices. And administrators can create policies controlling whether files can be opened in other apps, copied to the clipboard, printed or cached securely.

Enjoy streamlined access-policy management

SMA appliances allow system administrators to set policies for mobile and laptop users with a single rule across all objects. The result? Policy management takes minutes instead of hours.

Enable reliability and uptime

SMA Series appliances employ built-in load balancing features for better reliability. High Availability allows administrators to deploy a second SMA 400 as a backup, enhancing uptime and providing access your remote users can count on.

Combine with Clean VPN for superior protection

Deploying an SMA Series appliance alongside a SonicWALL next-generation firewall delivers an extra layer of protection. This multi-layered approach enables your organization to decrypt and decontaminate all authorised SSL VPN traffic before it enters your network.

Speed up PCI compliance with enhanced security features

The SMA 100 Series' optional Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Data Leak Protection (DLP) features can prevent protocol and web-based attacks, helping financial, healthcare, e-commerce and other businesses attain OWASP Top 10 and PCI compliance.

Improve your users' experience with remote support

The SMA Series' Secure Virtual Assist allows technicians to remotely work with users running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Secure Virtual Access enables remote users to make a safe connection to their unattended Windows computers from almost anywhere, boosting productivity and user satisfaction.

SonicWALL Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 Series

Compare Models:

Models: SMA 200 SMA 400 SMA 500v Virtual Appliance
Deployment Environment Type and Size Small organizations (Fewer than 50 employees) Midsize organizations (With 500 or fewer employees) Organizations of any size
Included/Maximum Licensable Users3(Recommended Users) 5/50 (50) 25/250 (125) 5/50
Secure Virtual Assist/Virtual Access: Maximum Number Connections 30-day trial/10 30-day trial/25 25
Hardened Security Appliance 5 5 N
Interfaces (2) Gigabit Ethernet, (2) USB, (1) Console (4) Gigabit Ethernet, (2) USB, (1) Console N
Processors 1.74 GHz Intel AtomTM C2358 Dual Core Processor 2.40 GHz Intel AtomTM C2358 Quad Core Processor N
Memory (RAM) 2GB 4GB N
Flash Memory 2GB 2GB N
Max Power Consumption 26.9 W 31.9 W N
Total Heat Dissipation 92 BTU 109 BTU N
Dimensions 17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in 17.00 x 10.13 x 1.75 in N
Appliance Weight 11 lbs (5 kg) 11 lbs (5 kg) N
MTBF 7.060 years 6.870 years N
Secure Virtual Access1 Optional Optional Optional
Secure Virtual Meeting Not Available Optional Not Available
Analyzer Optional Optional Optional
Web Application Firewall2 Optional Optional Optional
Web Application Firewall - Application Profiling Not Available Optional Optional
Spike Licensing Optional Optional Optional
Mobile Connect for iOS and Mac OSX Standard Standard Standard
Mobile Connect for Android, Chrome and Kindle Fire Standard Standard Standard
Mobile Connect for Windows Standard Standard Standard
One Time Password (OTP) Authentication Standard Standard Standard
Quest Defender Support Standard Standard Standard
Citrix (ICA) Support Standard Standard Standard
NetExtender: Support for Multiple IP Ranges and Routes Standard Standard Standard
Optional Client Certificate Support Standard Standard Standard
Graphical Usage Monitoring Standard Standard Standard
Option to Create System Backup Standard Standard Standard
Reverse Proxy: OWA Premium Version and Lotus Domino Access Standard Standard Standard
RADIUS Test Function Standard Standard Standard
Active Directory Groups Support Standard Standard Standard
Virtual Host/ Domain Name Support Standard Standard Standard
FileShares Standard Standard Standard
Diagnostics: DNS Lookup and Traceroute Standard Standard Standard
SNMPv2 Standard Standard Standard
Layer-7 Load Balancing Standard Standard Standard
High Availability (HA) Standard Standard Optional

1 Requires Virtual Assist/Virtual Access, licensed add-on modules available only for SMA 400, SMA 200 and SMA 100 Series virtual appliance. Virtual Assist and Virtual Access are licensed based on the number of concurrent technicians. Virtual Assist and Virtual Access 30-day free trials are available on the SMA 400, SMA 200 and SMA 1000 Series Virtual appliances.
2 Requires Web Application Firewall, a licensed add-on module available only for SMA 400, SMA 200 and SMA 100 Series Virtual appliances. The licenses are available as 1, 2 and 3-Year license.
3 The maximum number of users supported would be limited by factors such as access mechanisms, applications being accessed and application traffic being sent.