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SonicWall NSv Promo
Protect your multi-cloud and make the transition easier and safer

SonicWall Virtual Firewall Promo

Empower eligible SonicWall NSa/NSsp customers with NSv firewalls to protect their physical and virtual infrastructure.

New and current SonicWall customers that have or purchase NSa/NSsp nextgeneration firewalls with Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)/Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS), are eligible to try the corresponding NSv virtual firewall for one year at no additional cost.

The SonicWall NSv TotalSecure Subscription is included with eligible NSa/ NSsp models. This bundles the firewall software services with SonicWall CGSS and Capture Security Center (CSC) for a period of one year.

Grow your revenue while giving your customers business continuity, next-gen security, real-time monitoring, singlepane-of-glass management and control of their multi-cloud environment at an incredible value.

How it works:

When registration of an eligible firewall happens in MySonicWall, customers receive an email containing the corresponding SonicWall NSv key with a one year subscription period. Before the period ends, your customers will be given the option to renew the firewall and security services. Additionally, renewal SKUs will be available to extend NSv software and security services.

Promotion Summary:

  • Eligible NSa series firewalls include NSa 5650/6650/9250/9450/9650 and NSsp 12400/12800.
  • Corresponding NSv models include NSv 200/400/800
  • Promo extends to both existing and new customers
  • NSv comes with firewall software services, Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) and Capture Security Center (CSC) subscription for one year
  • Eligible firewall customers must have an active Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)/Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) subscription
  • NSv key is sent to the registered email
  • Test drive the virtual firewall at no additional cost
  • SonicWall reserves the right to end this promotion at any time

The following products are available as part of the SonicWall NSv promo:

NSa and NSsp SKUs available for fulfillment through distribution. NSv firewall software services fulfilled through MySonicWall and includes Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) and Capture Security Center (CSC) subscription for one year.

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Test drive SonicWall virtual firewalls at no additional cost or commitment to see if it fits your needs and requirements. Key benefits of the SonicWall NSv promo includes:

  • Next-Gen security for private and public cloud infrastructure and resources

  • Gain complete visibility into physical and virtual environment for threat prevention

  • Implement proper security zoning and ensure appropriate placement of policies

  • Defend against zero-day vulnerabilities with SonicWall Capture ATP

  • Prevent any service disruption in the virtual ecosystem

  • Centralized control and visibility with single-pane-of-glass management via SonicWall CSC

  • Agility and scalability without performance impact

  • Security governance, compliance and risk management