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SonicWall Product Lifecycle
Product Milestones and Retirement Notifications

Over time, products and services go through a natural lifecycle and eventually reach their end of life (EOL). Some of the reasons for this include the availability of newer, more functionally rich products, enhancements to the product or service and market demands. When a SonicWall product reaches EOL, SonicWall may choose to discontinue the sale or support of the product or service. At each stage throughout the product lifecycle process, SonicWall will provide information as the milestones are reached. Our approach to product lifecycle management includes five post-release phases, Last Day Order (LDO), Active Retirement Mode (ARM), Last Day Order for 1-Year Support, Limited Retirement Mode (LRM) and End of Support (EOS). This information is designed to customers better manage the end-of-life transition and understand how SonicWall can assist the migration to current SonicWall products and services.

For an active list of Product Lifecycles and their current status, please click here!

Policies and Guidelines:

  1. SonicWall will, as a general rule, provide 45-day advanced notification of a product's Last Day Order date. See the Last Day Order description below for additional information.
  2. Hardware warranty will be available for a period of up to five years from the Last Day Order date. SonicWall will replace defective products in accordance with our Return Materials Authorization policy.
  3. Software and firmware support will be available for a period of up to five years from the Last Day Order date subject to the Active Retirement Mode and Limited Retirement Mode phase descriptions below. Please note, it may be necessary to upgrade the software or firmware on the product to correct a reported issue.
  4. Continuous active support is required on each product to receive support through the end-of-life period. Please contact us if you have questions concerning your SonicWall product and its support status.
  5. For SonicWall CDP Series products and those products that were transitioned to Active Retirement Mode prior to August 6, 2013, SonicWall provides software/firmware and hardware support for up to three years from the Last Day Order date.

SonicWall Software Support EOS Schedules

SonicWall provides support for SonicWall Aventail, Email Security and Continuous Data Protection Series (CDP) software to those customers with an active support contract on these products. SonicWall encourages all customers to remain on the latest maintenance release of a fully supported version. Keeping up with the latest maintenance release offers a proactive model for avoiding known issues and allows your organization to take advantage of all the resolutions provided in the latest maintenance release.

Product Life Cycle Phases Definitions