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SonicWall Capture Security Center Licenses, Subscriptions & Renewals
Cloud-delivered unified management, reporting and analytics for network, endpoint and cloud security

SonicWall Capture Security Center


Guided by business processes and service level requirements, Capture Security Center helps form the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy to position the company for success. By establishing a holistic, connected approach to security orchestration, Capture Security Center can federate all operational aspects of the SonicWall security ecosystem.

Single Pane of Glass Management

  • Delivers Single Sign-On access to license, provision and manage all your network, endpoint and cloud security services
  • Centralizes security operations automation
  • Unifies end-to-end SonicWall security ecosystem under a single integration-friendly management framework

Governance, Compliance & Risk Management

  • Forms the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy
  • Establishes a holistic, connected approach to security orchestration to federate all operational aspects of the SonicWall network security ecosystem
  • Simplifies and automates various tasks to promote better security coordination
  • Reduces the complexity, duration and expense of performing security operations and administration

Workflow Automation

  • Meets the firewall change management requirements of enterprises and service providers
  • Assures the correctness and the compliance of policy changes by enforcing a rigorous process for configuring, comparing, validating, and approving policies prior to deployment
  • Adheres to company security policy via flexible approval groups, while mitigating risk, reducing errors and improving efficiency
  • Enables agility and confidence in deploying the right firewall policies, at the right time, and in conformance to compliance regulations

Zero-Touch Deployment

  • Simplifies and speeds the deployment and provisioning of SonicWall firewalls remotely using the cloud
  • Reduces administrative overhead associated with device configuration while security and connectivity occurs instantly and automatically
  • Operationalizes large number of firewalls at scale with minimal user intervention
  • Pushes policies; perform firmware upgrades; and synchronize licenses - all from one place


  • Empowers stakeholders with single-pane visibility and situational awareness of the network security environment
  • Performs deep investigative and forensic analysis of enriched security data
  • Makes informed security policy decisions based on time-critical and consolidated threat information
  • Reduces incident response time with real-time, actionable threat intelligence
  • Calibrates security policies and controls as potential risks and threats are uncovered



  • Ubiquitous Access
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Multiple Concurrent User Sessions
  • Offline Management and Scheduling
  • Management of Security Firewall Policies
  • Management of Security VPN Policies
  • Management of Email Security Policies
  • Management of Secure Remote Access/SSL VPN Policies
  • Management of Value Added Security Services
  • Define Policy Templates at the Group Level
  • Policy Replication from Device to a Group of Devices
  • Policy Replication from Group Level to a Single Device
  • Redundancy and High Availability
  • Provisioning Management
  • Scalable and Distributed Architecture
  • Dynamic Management Views
  • Unified License Manager
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Web Services Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Role Based Management (Users, Groups)
  • Universal Dashboard
  • Backup of preference files for firewall appliances


  • Comprehensive Set of Graphical Reports
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Customizable Reporting with Drill Down Capabilities
  • Centralized Logging
  • Multi-threat Reporting
  • User-centric Reporting
  • Application Usage Reporting
  • Granular Services Reporting
  • New Attack Intelligence
  • Bandwidth and Services Report per Interface
  • Reporting for SonicWall UTM Firewall Appliances
  • Reporting for SonicWall SRA SSL VPN Appliances
  • Universal Scheduled Reports
  • Next-generation Syslog and IPFIX Reporting
  • Flexible and Granular Near Real-Time Reporting
  • Per User Bandwidth Reporting
  • Client VPN Activity Reporting
  • Detailed Summary of Services over VPN Report
  • Rogue Wireless Access Point Reporting
  • SRA SMB Web Application Firewall (WAF) Reporting
  • Cloud App Security (CAS) reporting
  • Capture Client Reporting


  • IPFIX Data Flows in Real time
  • SNMP Support
  • Active Device Monitoring and Alerting
  • SNMP Relay Management
  • VPN and Firewall Status Monitoring
  • Live Syslog Monitoring and Alerting


  • Data aggregation
  • Data contextualization
  • Streaming analytics
  • User analytics
  • Real-time dynamic visualization
  • Rapid detection and remediation

Zero-Touch Deployment:

Integrated into Capture Security Center is the Zero-Touch Deployment service, which simplifies and speeds the provisioning process for SonicWall firewalls at remote and branch office locations. The process requires minimal user intervention, and is fully automated to operationalize firewalls at scale in four easy deployment steps. This significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity associated with installation and configuration, while security and connectivity occurs instantly and automatically.



Registers the new firewall in MySonicWall using its assigned seriel number and authentication code.



Connects the firewall to the network using the ethernet cable that came with the unit.



Power up the firewall after connecting the power cable and plugging it into a standard wall outlet. Units are automatically assigned a WAN IP using DHCP server. Once connectivity is established, the unit is automatically discovered, authenticated, and added to Capture Security Center with all licenses and configurations synchronized with MySonicWall and License Manager.



The unit is now operational and managed via the Capture Security Center cloud-based central management console such as firmware upgrades, security patching, and group level configuration changes.
Zero-Touch Deployment: Operationalize firewall in four easy steps


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Capture Security Center Management and 7-Day Reporting
SonicWall Capture Security Center Management and 7-Day Reporting for TZ Series, SOHO-W, SOHO 250, SOHO 250W, NSV 10 to 100 1 Year
Key features include firewall management, workflow, zero-touch deployment, 7-day reporting
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SonicWall Capture Security Center Management and 7-Day Reporting for NSA 2600 to 6650 and NSV 200 to 400 1 Year
Key features include firewall management, workflow, zero-touch deployment, 7-day reporting
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